Friday, January 29, 2010

Health follow-up

Just talked with the physician's assistant at the breast surgeon's office. As expected, the hospital reported that the area was too vascular to do the needle biopsy and that a small surgery would be warranted to get a sample. I suggested that given the fact that the mammograms they did last week seemed to indicate that things hadn't changed since October, maybe the surgeon could take a look at those and either confirm there's been no change or recommend the surgical biopsy. Not surprisingly (given the fact that she didn't have the specifics and the mammos in front of her), the PA wasn't about to shrug off the need to yank the things out, but she also wasn't frantically rushing it along, either.

After some discussion, we agreed that I'll get a follow up mammogram in April (six months check from the original), and then I'll go in to see the surgeon with all of the films and the report to make a determination on any next steps.


  1. Good, hope there are no changes in April and no biopsy needed.

  2. I hope there is nothing to worry about and it is all over with in April. Keep the faith.

  3. yoiks...have I ever been outta touch!
    Certainly hope back & biopsy and all parts of you are well..
    I'll be back soon - honest!